Lava Stone Bracelet | Plant Trees/Save Rainforests

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This elegant, unisex lava stone bracelet with stainless steel medal is a great match to any outfit and accessories on your wrist.

Did you know that forests are burnt down at a record pace taking the homes of many animals?More than 200,000 acres of Rainforest are burned EVERY DAY!
In 1950, 15% of the Earth's surface was Rainforest...
Today, more than 1/2 has gone up in smoke.

Why else is the Rainforest so important?  One example, 70% of plants identified by the US National Cancer Institute, aid in the treatment of CANCER and can ONLY be found in the Rainforest.

By purchasing this bracelet, you will support with 10% of your purchase price saving the Rainforests.

Size chart:

L - 200 mm (fits medium to large wrists)

S - 176 mm (fits medium to small wrists)